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NEW - CTR Protocol

For the first time ever, you can get access to Kyle's entire email writing framework for skyrocketing businesses with email! You'll get the single most powerful mechanism for generating sales emails with ease. The CTR Protocol is your key to unlocking the true potential of your email list. It's not just a learning resource - it's a plug-and-play system that takes the guesswork out of email marketingSimply implement the CTR Protocol and watch as your emails start converting like never before. No more head-scratching, no more endless tweaking - just proven, battle-tested strategies that work.

NEW - Copy Into Customers

Copy Into Customers by Alex Jackson unveils 17 cutting-edge secrets of modern paid advertising, offering practical strategies to boost sales and reduce costs. Discover proven ad scripts, targeting methods, and pricing tactics to maximize your marketing effectiveness. You'll see exactly how to optimize your approach and transform leads into loyal customers with this comprehensive masterclass!

NEW - Supercharge Your Funnels

Discover the transformative power of "Supercharge Your Funnels" with sales expert and co-founder of Thought Leaders Institute, Lucas Garvin. In this exclusive masterclass, discover expert insights and proven strategies to revolutionize your sales funnels. Unlock shortcuts to faster sales, effortlessly optimize client businesses, and master the art of maximizing conversions. 

From Copywriter To Closer

Unlock the secrets to transform your copywriting skills into lucrative business deals with "From Copywriter To Closer." In this Prospecting Masterclass led by Andrea Grassi, an Italian entrepreneur with expertise spanning six sectors, you'll see exactly how to identify dream clients, uncover decision-makers, craft compelling cold emails, ace initial meetings, and much more. Andrea's proven strategies in marketing and sales will propel you towards consistent profit generation and business independence. 

Kyle Milligan's Overdrive Offers

Unlock the gates to conversion excellence with the $7.1 Million Man himself, Kyle Milligan, in Overdrive Offers. Tailored for anyone seeking to maximize conversions, sales, and profits, this masterclass not only unlocks Kyle's 5-3-1 Copywriting Method but also reveals secrets to structuring bulletproof offer sections for unprecedented success. Delve into proven 7-figure examples and see exactly how to trigger FOMO with scarcity and urgency tactics, ensuring your copy drives results that exceed expectations!

Todd Brown's Bullet Email Campaigns 

Transform the way your clients see you. And go from writing one-off emails to banking monthly retainers by developing and crafting entire money-printing campaigns. Designed (and taught) by the "Godfather of Marketing," these campaign sequences will revolutionize any business you touch.

AI Copy Blueprint

See how to get expert Psychographic Profiling, Demographic Insights, and Behavioral Analysis in mere seconds instead of weeks with the oracle-like power of AI in your back pocket. With the AI Copy Blueprint, you'll instantly be able to identify unique pain points other copywriters are missing, tailor higher-converting USPs, and craft messages you know your readers will love. You will finally have the blueprint to consistently crank out high-quality, money-making copy that engages, persuades, and most importantly, converts — every time you click the mouse.

How To Get Your First Copywriting Client

Get your very first (or next) client without ever getting on a sales call. In this 5+ hour masterclass, Nabeel Azeez, the most expensive copywriter in Dubai, gives you everything you need to pitch a 'no-brainer' copywriting offer through DM, cold email, or both, to your ideal prospect, no matter who you are. Whether you're starting out with no experience, lack a portfolio, or have zero results, Nabeel's methods will get you PAID to write copy today.

Becoming An Idea Machine

Discover the Only Way to Consistently Generate Blockbuster Copywriting Ideas That Will Make You Rich. In this special masterclass, legendary copywriter David Deutsch gives you a proven, step-by-step system for generating million-dollar ideas again and again. Honed over decades, this time-tested system has been used by David Deutsch himself to skyrocket the bottom line of every client he works with. Now you can leverage the same exact system to 10X the impact of your ideas, and therefore, your copywriting.

Joel Erway's Power Offer Masterclass

Unveil 7-figure success with Joel Erway's Power Offer Masterclass. Known as "The Webinar Guy," Joel goes beyond webinars to craft high-converting offers and scale businesses with High Ticket Courses. With $100+ million in sales, Joel provides a transformative blueprint which shows you how to acquire clients in 24 hours, triple prices overnight, and streamline with cost-efficient marketing. 

Alex Myatt's "E-Boost" 

Discover everything you need to make your favorite ECOM biz unleash a never-ending stream of income into your bank account! Here's your chance to get a powerful, step-by-step guide to landing high-paying e-commerce clients with ease (packed with proven strategies, templates, and tactics). You'll also get insider knowledge on boosting conversions, identify good and bad product pages, and break down real-life examples so you can transform your copywriting skills and get ECOM clients jumping over themselves to work with you. And so much more!

Jordan Grimes' Landing The BIG Fish

Unlock the secrets to finding and landing your dream clients (no matter what niche you're in). Taught by one of the biggest sales superstars on the planet - who's worked with everyone from Lil Wayne to T.I. to Cam Newton - this 2-hour masterclass will show you his 4-step iron-clad approach to overcome ghosting, get clients on the phone, and close the deal with confidence (even if you're just starting out). 

Rodney Gravitter's A-list "Angles"

See the only 7 "Angles" you need to skyrocket conversions and crank out A-list emails in less time (and with less angst). Master the art of persuasive email copywriting with insider secrets, essential hacks, and a foolproof recipe for writing money-making emails. This comprehensive masterclass will banish the "blank page" forever, show you how to consistently deliver high-quality work, and ensure you never run out of emails ideas again. 

The Ultimate Email Copy Class

Discover how one of our Copywriters used to land $5,000+ email clients before coming on board with us, including word-for-word scripts you can personally send. Plus! Download our private templates to make writing those emails faster and easier.

Sean Macintyre's Advertorial Masterclass

Stand out from the crowd and start offering your email clients a deliverable - they're not only desperate for - but no one else offers. 

Alexzan Daswani's Million Dollar Email Threads

Skyrocket your confidence as you watch one of our Copywriters go to work and show you how easy it is to "mine" sales pages for "single-threads" you can write emails about.

​Paul Mascetta's Market Control

Advanced Level: Discover how to influence the internal "mental maps" of your reader's thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to drive whatever action you want. Plus! See how to materialize every benefit you use and get your readers to see, feel, and taste your marketing message. 

The Breaking Into Copywriting Blueprint

Uncover the secrets to getting hired as an in-house copywriter (no experience, degree, or credentials needed).


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Exclusive Discord Community

When you join Copy Squad Lite today, you're invited to join our brand-new Discord Community! 

Inside, you'll find separate channels for each Live Class. 

That way, you can get your questions answered. 

And have everything made crystal clear so you never have to wonder if you're on the right track or not. 

You can also submit your copy for review by your peers and experts! 

The Copy Squad is full of veterans who have written several 7-figure blockbusters. As well as newbie writers starting out.

When you join today, you'll be able to receive feedback from both!

Plus with the General channel, you'll have direct access to your fellow Squad members.

"How much are you charging?"
"What do you think about this pitch?"
"Will you review my email?"

Absolutely no question is off limits when you sign up for Copy Squad Lite!

Coaching Corner Videos

Weekly Email Copy Breakdowns 

Get weekly video feedback on your emails so you can get better, faster!

Review breakdowns of our own emails so you can swipe them to write emails quicker. 

​Monthly Copywriting Contests

Win copywriting contests that let you send your emails to our entire list and witness the words you wrote go from Google Doc to Email Inbox.

PLUS - The winner will get the copy of their choosing reviewed by Kyle in a FREE 1-on-1 call! (That's a $500 value for free!)

​Trained Community Feedback

Catapult your copy chops with direct feedback from the Copy Squad members. 

These aren't just kids who recently discovered copy, read a few books, and are now, accidentally, teaching others stuff that doesn't work... 

These are all serious copywriters who have gone through our "How to Critique Copy" training and can show you where you're falling short. 

Brace yourself for the honesty. The strongest steel is forged in the hottest fires.

A Chance At One-on-One Time With Kyle

Win a contest, get plucked out of the group, or contribute enough to get noticed, and I will personally start coaching you (occasionally). 

It's not uncommon for me to dive into the copy review channel and start re-writing emails so you can see how it's done. 

I even jump on the Discord voice chats from time to time to guide up-and-coming members. 

Folks are often shocked by how much the "Top Chief" (that's what they call me) hangs out and answers questions in Copy Squad Lite. 

This is, without a doubt, the most affordable way to gain direct access to me. 

Million-Dollar Swipe File

Retail: $5,000 Per Year (Copy Squad Inner Circle)

Next to writing copy, reading copy is the single greatest thing you can do to skyrocket your skills. 

Not reading about copy. Reading copy. 

That's why every other Tuesday, I get together with the Copy Squad Inner Circle to break down million-dollar sales letters. 

And when you join Copy Squad Lite, you'll get every sales letter we've broken down... Ever. 

That means you'll not only be able to see what's working... But you'll be able to see why it's working... 

And then take advantage of those tools and tactics yourself. 

Breaking down copy is the secret sauce to every copywriter's success. 

It's how Bill Bonner and Mark Ford built a Multi-Billion-Dollar copy empire. It's how Joe Schrieffer scaled Agora Financial to $300 Million. 

And it's how I uncovered the language of copy, NESB, and the "Beats of a Sales Letter."

That's why in a few minutes you'll get a clean PDF of every sales letter we've broken down... ever. 

Along with the marked-up PDFs so you can follow along and uncover every copy secret we found.

It's all yours when you join Copy Squad Lite today!

​FREE BONUS #1: A Free Copy of Take Their Money

If a book could be "Top G," then Take Their Money takes the title. 

Everyone from publishers to internet celebrities rave about its influence on their marketing and sales. 

Discover the only Four Words you need to trigger your customer's emotional brain. And get them to crawl over glass to buy from you. 

Then see how to drill this new superpower into your subconscious, so it becomes as easy to you as speaking English. 

All yours, for FREE, when you join Copy Squad Lite. 

​FREE BONUS #2: NESB Keywords Cheat Sheet

Write persuasive copy faster and easier with the 
NESB cheat sheet. 

Looking for inspiration? 

Not sure how to weave the four emotional triggers into the following sentence? 

A simple glance at this FREE resource will show you where to go and ensures your writing will turn the most amount of browsers into buyers.

​FREE BONUS #3: Copy Kit

Email Cheat Sheet and Templates

Get the exact templates we use, avoid the common mistakes newbies make, see how to structure your emails, and know what to do on every line with this 
9 page document.

​FREE BONUS #4: Headline Training With
Justin Blackman

Watch this 48-minute video guide with me and
Justin Blackman from Pretty Fly Copywriting
(AKA The 10,000 Headlines Guy), showing you exactly how to generate countless amazing headlines on command. 

See the exact frameworks and formulas you can use to plug in play your client's info into and wow them with the result. 

Plus, discover how to research a new niche and craft an amazing headline from scratch (in just a few minutes). 

FREE BONUS #5: Pro Email Training With
John Rhodes

 John Rhodes has been in the marketing game for over 15 years, generated millions of dollars with email, and probably forgotten more about email than most folks will ever KNOW. 

This in-depth training reveals the 3 ways to make money with email, how to sell a “buying frenzy,” his secret email set-ups, how to pocket hundreds of dollars per hour writing emails, 4 email swipe formulas, and much more! 

If generating millions of dollars from simply writing emails is your goal, then this training is for YOU! 

Usually $87, this exclusive training is yours FREE as a Copy Squad Lite member.

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